Kids bee happy (Sand Art)

Get Creative at Kidtropolis!

Sand Art is hands on, bright and colourful, arts and crafts activity that children and adults love.Laser Cut and pre-glued, with our Sand Art picture cards there is very little mess. Making a Sand Art picture is as easy as 1,2,3

(1)   Peel off the thin character outline, and sprinkle on the black sand to cover all the exposed sticky white bits.  When you’ve covered them all then simply tip and genty tap the excess sand off onto a tray.

(2)   Pick another section, and choose a colour and repeat, until you’ve coloured the picture all in.

(3)   When it’s finished, simply pop the picture into the plastic sleeve and then display it proudly for all to see.

Kids Bee Happy’s wide range of pictures and designs makes Sand Art ideal for children and adults of mixed ages and abilities.Oh!  And don’t forget, that the Children all have their pictures to take home with them and to keep and display in their homes! 

We also have packs to do at home. Our pictures are very sticky to ensure that the sand stays stuck on, and we have little tubed which are carefully designed with a flip lid and a small hole to ensure that when you sprinkle on the sand that it comes out slowly, and importantly, exactly where you want.